Friendlies are open to all playing members of the club. To play in a match sign on the match sheets posted on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.  Each match is the responsibility of the Captain of the Day who selects the team.  Captain of the Day responsibilities are explained as follows but can be downloaded by clicking here. Alternatively, just select the text and print!!


  1. Match forms (put up by the Fixtures Secreatary)  showing the Captain of the Day and asking for members to sign-up to play will be found on the Friendlies noticeboard in the clubhouse.

  1. The Captain of the Day shall select 9 or 12 players, plus reserves, as appropriate, taking into account who has played recently.  Post team selection on the match form at least 7 days before the match and advise the team by email that they are playing.  Ask them to confirm their availability to the Capt of the Day.
    It is essential to
    check the match form periodocally to ensure sufficient players have signed up. If there are insufficient, take appropriate steps to complete a team. Cancelling a match should be a last resort.

  1. Find the opposition’s contact for friendly matches from the list on the noticeboard. Contact him/her for the name and contact details of  the opposition’s Captain of the Day.

  1. Contact the opposition Captain of the Day to give him/her your contact details and  confirm match details no less than two days before the game.

  2.  Contact the person organising refreshments (see rota in the cluhouse) to confirm what is being provided (normally just tea/coffee and biscuits) and advise the opponent’s Captain .

  3. On the match day, consider the need for bruise mats if the green is soft due to weather conditions or if there are repair areas that need protection.

  4. Open up the club at least 30 mins before the match start time and ensure the mats, jacks, pushers and other equipment are laid out in good time.
    Also , set out the cold drinks stand and beakers.

  5. For away games, members should make their own travel arrangements. Provide the Post Code of the other club. When lift sharing is allowed then provide appropriate instructions to the team members e.g. the time to meet in the rec car park. Take sufficient score cards, pens and holders.

  6. If weather is bad liaise with the opposition’s Captain of the Day regarding cancellation. For home matches also liaise with the groundsmen. It is the home team Captain’s responsibility to cancel. If a match is cancelled then inform all team members and whoever is providing the refreshments, as soon as possible. 

  7. Fill out the score cards in conjunction with the opposition Captain and agree whether the match begins with two conventional trial ends or one point on first 2 ends. .

  8. At home matches give a brief welcome to the oppostion and remind them they have the mat (ie no coin toss required!) . Also, indicate when refreshments will be taken  At away matches respond in kind to the opposition Captain’s  welcome. After the matches briefly thank the opposing team and wish them well for the rest of the season. Do not forget to thank the persons providing the refreshments.

  9. Attach score cards to the match clip board  in the clubhouse and advise Noel Thompson of the result for recording on the website.